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Getting Started

21 hours.png

Wear your aligners at least 21 hours a day

02 - remove only when eating.png

Remove aligners only when eating and brushing

03 - social events.png

Feel free to ditch your aligners for social events once in a while (keep it to 2-3 hours)

04 - inserting.png

When inserting aligners, begin with your front teeth

05 - removing.png

When removing your aligners, begin with your back teeth 


06 - efferdent.png

Clean aligners with any retainer cleaner (Retainer Brite, Efferdent or the Invisalign Cleaning Crystals)

07 - clear mouthwash.png

Use clear mouthwash while wearing aligners to freshen your breath (we recommend our Smilebar Whitening Mouthwash or TheraBreath)

08 - when brushing.png

When brushing your teeth, brush the aligners as well

Eating & Drinking

09 - after eating brush floss.png

After eating, brush, floss & wear aligners as soons as possible

10 - drink clear liquids.png

You can drink clear liquids while wearing aligners

11 - dark fluids will stain.png

Dark fluids such as red wine, coffee, and coke may stain the aligners (if you must, use a straw)


12 - store in case.png

When not wearing aligners, store them in their case

12 - never boiling water.png

Never place aligners in boiling water

13 - keep away from pets.png

Keep aligners away from pets

14 - never wrap in napkin.png

Never wrap aligners in a napkin (you risk losing them)

15 - dont throw away.png

When finished with a set, clean and store them in their original pouch (never throw away your aligners) 

Uh Oh…

16 - lose them.png

If you lose a set of aligners, wear the previous set unless instructed otherwise by the orthodontist

17 - button falls off.png

if you have bonded attachments & one falls off, dont panic! just let us know

18 - question.png

In case of any problems, notify us as soon as possible so we can determine the best way to proceed.

We want you to love your Smilebar experience as much as you're going to love your perfect new smile! Call or email us any time with questions.